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Our Solutions
​​At PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions, we work with buisness owners like you and organizations to unocover operational inefficiencies which can help you reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by streamlining business processes, implementing proven business management systems and minimizing duplication, inconsistencies and other activities that lead to bottlenecks, overwhelm and overworked staff aka 'burnout'. Our top priority is to help you organize your activities, replace chaos with order so your operations can function uninterupted, even in your absence. 

We help you solve your operational challenges throught three primary Service Solution models: DIY Advisory Solutions, Training Solutions and Full Service Solutions
How We Support You

Service Solutions

Full Service Solutions

Training Programs

Strategy Development

  1. Our Full-Service Solutions are done-for-you process improvement services that help you scale growth by implementing or improving key processes in your business. We manage your processes, so you can free up resources and focus on Key Competencies.  
    Key Uses
    • Fill skills or operational gaps (temporarily or ongoing)
    • Implement Business Management Systems
    • Reduce overhead costs
    • Free up limited Office Space
    • Relocate under or over utilized workers
    • Operational Gaps or inconsistencies
    • Onsite setup and installation
    Types of Services Available
    • Process Implementation
    • Monthly Support Plans (Business-Process-as-a-Service)
    • ​Project Management
    Delivery Method
    • Online and onsite

  2. Our Training programs educate and inform business owners about day to day business processes, business management systems and streamlining your infracsture.  Training is delivered through webinars, workshops, online and social media challenges.

    Key Uses
    • To educate
    • Increase efficiency
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Get organized
    • Relocate under or over utilized workers
    • Operational Gaps or inconsistencies
    Sample Training Content
    • Instant Productivity Boosters
    • Email Management
    • Time Management
    • Setting Priority

  3. Our Strategy Development Solutions provide business owners with strategic guidance and detailed directions for implementing their own business management Systems, process improvement initiatives on their own, uses their own staff and resources.  
    Key Uses
    • Standardize processes and business systems between departments
    • Reduce overhead costs
    • Facilitate easier access to  services and information
    • Enable responsible spending
    • Operational Gaps or inconsistencies
    • Create value for taxpayers 
    Types of Services Available
    • Process Implementation
    • Monthly Support Plans (Business-Process-as-a-Service)


Start Optimizing Your Operations in 3 Easy Steps
  1. Analysis
    We help you find the gaps and opportunities in your operations
  2. Implementation
    We fill the gaps in your processes and create or improve your business systems
  3. Tailor
    We tailor a solution specific to your businesses unique requirements
Scale your operations

Monthly Support Plans

Creating, implementing and fine-tuning internal processes takes time, know-how and patients to ensure they work effectively and efficiently.  This can take you months or years to perfect. PlanIt's Monthly Support Plans help's you hit the pavement running and save valuable time and money with of our . Plans range from Pay-as-You-Go to long term. 

enjoy These 5 Free Sign-up Bonuses with your monthly plan!

  • Free Plan setup
  • Free Payroll setup
  • Free Accounting App Analysis
  • Free Google Drive directory setup
  • Free customized Annual Planner

Small teams and Professional Partnerships​​
​5-10 Team members
(Best Value)

Scale your business with proven systems and programs to streamline workflow and increase productivity so you can focus on core revenue generating activities. Performed offsite 

US $1197.00

See Full Plan

Solopreneurs & Professional Service Providers
1-4 Team Members

Immediate or seasonal back office support of non-core tasks, team collaboration and client support, loyalty 
programs,  performed offsite

Us $497.00

  • Time Management System
  • Reminders System
  • Client Onboarding System
  • Client Care & CRM Management
  • Online DIY Payroll
  • Database Management
  • Client FAQ Administration
  • Support Level: Email

See Full Plan

Large teams and Departments within a Corporation 
11-25+ Team Members

For businesses or departments within a corporation wanting customized strategic internal and external back office support tied to business goals, without increasing team size or workload 

US $1797.00

Everything in Enhanced, plus:
  • Maximum customization available
  • Enhanced Internal Communications
  • Enhanced Teambuilding System
  • Project Monitoring of 5 projects
  • Supported Payroll + CRA Reporting
  • 24/7 Help desk  
  • Wellness Program Management
  • Support Level: Phone, email, virtual

See Full Plan

Everything in Lite, plus:
  • Some task customization available
  • Meeting Management System
  • Basic Internal Communications
  • Teambuilding System
  • Project Monitoring of 2 projects
  • Lead Gen System
  • Customer Service Solution
  • Supported Payroll
  • 9 Hours Help desk  
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Support Level: Phone

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Target Specific Programs & Services

For businesses ready to scale growth or onboard a new project, we provide six Targeted Service Plans that address some of the most common challenge areas for small businesses and entrepreneurs that are inefficient or underperforming and may compromise what is working.
  1. Build Capacity & Scale Up
    Serve more clients by expanding your businesses exponentially. Increase capacity but not costs or team size with tested processes and systems
  2. Time Management & Organization
    Reduce overwhelm by streamlining and organizing your workflow, increasing efficiency and implementing simple proven systems
  3. Office Set-up & Design
    Set your operations up correctly from the start with the right tools, equipment and programs to reduce workload, injuries and redundancy
  4. Team Collaboration
    Reduce miss cues, project delays and overlap while increasing accountability, clarity and engagement so there's less waste and more productivity
  5. HR & Operations Management
    Standardize internal processes for communications, employee onboarding, Payroll and intranet to ensure consistent, predictable results
  6. Remote & Multi-Business
    Synchronize and engage across multiple platforms, offices or remotely to optimize collaboration, communication and functions

Custom Packages Available

  • ​Combine packages or customize a package for your specific needs 
  • Ask us about our custom Cloud services for small and micro teams
  • Please call us to find out how we can customize a package to suit you
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Customize your Service plan with Add-ons 

  1. Office Cleaning
    Professional cleaning and organizing on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
  2. Payroll
    Self-serve, full service and payroll with CRA reporting is available for contractors and permanent staff
  3. Energy Efficiency
    Lower heating and cooling costs while optimizing comfort
  4. Help Desk & IT
    Make your customers feel special by adding Help Desk, FAQ's, CRM or IT functionality to your services
  5. Automation
    Cut your workload by 50%. Reduce duplication and manual input with electronic and online forms, process automation and streamlining
  6. Optimize with SOP's
    Reducing training time, clarity roles and expectations with Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's that clearly outline who does what, when and why
Specialized Sector Solutions
  1. Legal
    Fill your operational challenges, gaps and fluctuations by outsourcing during cyclical or seasonal fluctuations, economical or socio-economic conditions changes or training and recruitment time constraints in your business.
  2. Accounting
    Mange seasonal pressures by outsourcing manual tasks and data entry activities to free up time for more lucrative projects and corporate-oriented work
  3. Builders & Contractors
    Outsource administrative and non-core duties to help you maintain timelines while keeping costs in check when faced with labour shortages and disputes, unfavourable weather conditions and the costs of renting office space and equipment.
  4. Government Admin
    You can ensure services are carried out in an efficient, cost effective manner to facilitate responsible spending and create value for taxpayers while addressing verspending, lack of standardization, trouble accessing services and information.
  5. Eucation
    Parents are busy, educators are busy. You need cost-effective ways of handing budget reductions, bureaucracy, lack of standardization and barriers to access.
  6. Health & Dental
    Expand your offerings diversify your options with automation and digital adoption to address rising health costs and a growing population of senior citizens and special markets who require outpatient services and customer care.

Our Complete Service List

Your business is unique. We offer a range of flexible service levels to suit your needs including long term, short term, ongoing and project support.
  1. Consulting
    Business operations, administrative, business processes and business management consulting services.
  2. DIY Recommendations
    Detailed DIY instructions following consultation and analysis that will allow you to use your own resources to implement.
  3. Done-for-You
    Save time and focus on business development by using PlanIt!'s DFY services to implement changes at your site and offsite.
  4. Ongoing Support
    Monthly business process support. We develop, implement and execute processes to optimize day to day operations.
  5. Local & Nearshore Outsourcing
    Use nearshore and onshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to fill gaps in operations, seasonal peaks and during expansion or projects
  6. Whitelabel Services
    Take advantage of our Generic Business-as-a-Process Services that we customize to meet your business needs
  7. Group Training and Workshop Facilitation
    Workshop facilitation and group training for building capacity, streamlining workload, time management and common office challenges
  8. Project Management
    Receive full or part-time support or coordination help from a Certified Project Manager for single and multi-phase projects
  9. Onsite Office Setup and Installation
    We measure and install our Comfort Optimization Blinds™ to save energy and regulate temperature. We also offer office setup for optimal performance, comfort and to injury reduction.