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Business Continuity Solutions

Does your small and micro business experience unplanned disruption during the day? Firefighting and bottlenecks are automatic productivity killers.

You need a way to ensure that you can continue on with your day to day operations by having mechanisms in place that will organize your workload, replace chaos with order and ensure operations runs smooth even in your absence. 

Operational inefficiencies can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars every month due to missed opportunities, misuse of resources, budget overruns, poor project management, ineffective planning, injuries and overworked staff aka 'burnout'. PlanIt's Efficiency Solutions can help.

We offer Service Packages and Monthly Support Plans to keep your operations running smooth and efficient.

Our Service Packages solve some of the most common challenges for startups and expanding business including scaling and managing remote locations. You can also customize your package with one or more Add-on services like office cleaning.

Our Monthly Support Plans provide you with ongoing support for day to day operational efficency and streamlined processes which often require time and energy that you don't have. This scalable, agile, Business-Process-as-a-Service option frees up your time so you can focus on business develop, product delopment and client engagement.

Pick the solutions that suits you best then give us a call!

Service Solutions

solutions For Any Stage of Development 

Which solution do you need?
Are you starting out and need to put systems in place? Are you established and need support with your day to day operations and back office? Perhaps you want to scale up and need temporary skills and support to complete a project? Scale your operations with our Service Packages or Monthly Support Plans so you can skip the training and simply focus on income generating activities.
Monthly Support Plans
Service Packages 
  • For established businesses 
  • Startups launching a product
  • To support daily operations 
  • For short term support  
  • To fill skills gap
  • For scaling growth
  • For developing businesses
  • For scaling growth
  • Need to fill process gap
  • Need to improve process
  • Need to optimize systems
  • Need to enhance operations
Monthly Support Plans

Scale your operations

Scalable, agile Business-Process-as-a-Service 

Need help with time management, reminders, scheduling & onboarding clients? Our scalable, agile Business-Process-as-a-Service saves you valuable time, money and optimizes your operations.

Day to day processes are what keeps your business running. Creating, implementing and fine-tuning those processes takes time, know-how and patients to ensure they work effectively and efficiently.  This can take months or years to perfect. Hit the pavement running and save valuable time and money with of our Monthly Support Plans. Plans range from Pay-as-You-Go to long term.

​Bypass the trial and error phase of developing and implementing Business Processes. Outsource your day to day Business Process Management (BPM) to the experts.

enjoy These 5 Free Sign-up Bonuses with your monthly plan!

  • Free Plan setup
  • Free Payroll setup
  • Free Accounting App Analysis
  • Free Google Drive directory setup
  • Free customized Annual Planner

Small teams and Professional Partnerships​​
​5-10 Team members
(Best Value)

Scale your business with proven systems and programs to streamline workflow and increase productivity so you can focus on core revenue generating activities. Performed offsite 

Solopreneurs & Professional Service Providers
1-4 Team Members

Immediate or seasonal back office support of non-core tasks, team collaboration and client support, loyalty 
programs,  performed offsite

Us $497.00

  • Time Management System
  • Reminders System
  • Client Onboarding System
  • Client Care & CRM Management
  • Online DIY Payroll
  • Database Management
  • Client FAQ Administration
  • Support Level: Email

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Large teams and Departments within a Corporation 
11-25+ Team Members

For businesses or departments within a corporation wanting customized strategic internal and external back office support tied to business goals, without increasing team size or workload 

US $1797.00

Everything in Enhanced, plus:
  • Maximum customization available
  • Enhanced Internal Communications
  • Enhanced Teambuilding System
  • Project Monitoring of 5 projects
  • Supported Payroll + CRA Reporting
  • 24/7 Help desk  
  • Wellness Program Management
  • Support Level: Phone, email, virtual

See Full Plan

US $1197.00

Everything in Lite, plus:
  • Some task customization available
  • Meeting Management System
  • Basic Internal Communications
  • Teambuilding System
  • Project Monitoring of 2 projects
  • Lead Gen System
  • Customer Service Solution
  • Supported Payroll
  • 9 Hours Help desk  
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Support Level: Phone

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Services Packages


Choose A Service Package that suits your Needs

Whether you're pre-operational, established or looking to scale growth, PlanIt! can provide you with the support and tools your need to take your business to the next level. Call us today.
  1. Build Capacity & Scale Up
    Serve more clients by expanding your businesses exponentially. Increase capacity but not costs or team size with tested processes and systems
  2. Time Management & Organization
    Reduce overwhelm by streamlining and organizing your workflow, increasing efficiency and implementing simple proven systems
  3. Office Set-up & Design
    Set your operations up correctly from the start with the right tools, equipment and programs to reduce workload, injuries and redundancy
  4. Team Collaboration
    Reduce miss cues, project delays and overlap while increasing accountability, clarity and engagement so there's less waste and more productivity
  5. HR & Operations Management
    Standardize internal processes for communications, employee onboarding, Payroll and intranet to ensure consistent, predictable results
  6. Remote & Multi-Business
    Synchronize and engage across multiple platforms, offices or remotely to optimize collaboration, communication and functions

Custom Packages Available

  • ​Combine packages or customize a package for your specific needs 
  • Ask us about our custom Cloud services for small and micro teams
  • Please call us to find out how we can customize a package to suit you
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Service Package Add-Ons

Customize your package with Add-on services 
  1. Office Cleaning
    Professional cleaning and organizing on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
  2. Payroll
    Self-serve, full service and payroll with CRA reporting is available for contractors and permanent staff
  3. Energy Efficiency
    Lower heating and cooling costs while optimizing comfort
  4. Help Desk & IT
    Make your customers feel special by adding Help Desk, FAQ's, CRM or IT functionality to your services
  5. Automation
    Cut your workload by 50%. Reduce duplication and manual input with electronic and online forms, process automation and streamlining
  6. Optimize with SOP's
    Reducing training time, clarity roles and expectations with Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's that clearly outline who does what, when and why
Kara is very knowledgeable about systems and helped me to think about the bottom line - how much time I was spending on activities that were not benefiting my business...something all business people need to address!
Samantha Angel, Owner, trellis concepts, Mississagua, ON
Support at Every Level


Choose your Support Solution

Outsourcing Solutions

Busy entrepreneurs and businesses don't always have the time to learn new programs, Apps or train every time a new version comes out. Having a skilled professional perform these tasks utilizing the full features of the software saves the headache of constantly re-learning and upgrading . 

Outsourcing non-core activities can free up time, space and compensate for:​​

  1. Operational Gaps
    Manage gaps and inconsistencies in your operating processes
  2. Disorder & Disorganization
    Constantly firefighting and having trouble managing your workload
  3. under or over utilized workers
    Get the best use from team members who are either inappropriately utilized or over utilized
  4. inconsistent Quality
    Reduce overhead costs while maintaining or improving quality
  5. Limited Office Space
    Office space is limited or expensive, but growth is certain or forthcoming
  6. Skills Gaps
    Fill skills or resource gap needed for a new project, product or service area that you do not currently have on your team

Onsite Solutions

Your physical layout, setup and state can have a huge impact on productivity and output. Fluctuations in temperature, poorly situated equipment or inappropriate equipment can not only cause discomfort, they can increase workload unnecesarily. Onsite setup and design can increase productivity exponentially and relieve strain by ensuring the right tools are used for the right tasks in the right way by the right person.

  1. Equipment Review
    Review and analyze equipment for appropriate use and placement to optimize productivity.
  2. Layout
    The right placement of common tools and resources in relation to the worker to optimize productivity and comfort
  3. Energy Products
    Proper lighting, natural and artificial not only impacts workers physically and emotionally, it also impacts operating costs.
Save 20% on Your First service package over $1500.

Choose your Service Type

Your business is unique. We offer a range of flexible service levels to suit your needs including long term, short term, ongoing and project support.
  1. Consulting
    Business operations, administrative, business processes and business management consulting services.
  2. DIY Recommendations
    Detailed DIY instructions following consultation and analysis that will allow you to use your own resources to implement.
  3. Done-for-You
    Save time and focus on business development by using PlanIt!'s DFY services to implement changes at your site and offsite.
  4. Ongoing Support
    Monthly business process support. We develop, implement and execute processes to optimize day to day operations.
  5. Local & Nearshore Outsourcing
    Use nearshore and onshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to fill gaps in operations, seasonal peaks and during expansion or projects
  6. Whitelabel Services
    Take advantage of our Generic Business-as-a-Process Services that we customize to meet your business needs
  7. Group Training and Workshop Facilitation
    Workshop facilitation and group training for building capacity, streamlining workload, time management and common office challenges
  8. Project Management
    Receive full or part-time support or coordination help from a Certified Project Manager for single and multi-phase projects
  9. Onsite Office Setup and Installation
    We measure and install our Comfort Optimization Blinds™ to save energy and regulate temperature. We also offer office setup for optimal performance, comfort and to injury reduction.
Our Clients​

Our Sector Solutions 

Industries experience operational challenges due to cyclical or seasonal fluctuations, economical or socio-economical conditions, training and recruitment time constraints, resources or skill gaps in your business. Our solutions are designed to help you fill operational gaps and fluctuations through outsourcing, onsite optimization and process improvements.
  1. Health and Dental
    Health and Dental
    Rising health costs and a growing population of senior citizens is creating the need for diversified options when it comes to health and dental care. We help you expand your offerings including outpatient services, special markets and customer care through automation and digital adoption.
  2. Entrepreneurs
    Small businesses face unique challenges that larger organizations don’t. Sudden changes in staffing or activity levels, product or service demands and cash flow can significantly impact operations, business continuity, profits and customer loyalty. These challenges are not addressed by current enterprises programs which primarily cater to larger organizations. Our solutions are designed with the needs of small and micro businesses in mind.
  3. Builders/Contractors
    Managing small to large construction projects under the pressure of labour shortages, labour disputes, unfavourable weather conditions and ever increasing costs for office space and equipment can have a significant impact on the budget and project deadlines. Outsourcing administrative and non-care duties can free up costly office space and help you maintain timelines while keeping costs in check.
  4. Professional Services
    Professional Services
    Rate increases, seasonal and staff fluctuations and costly office space can slow growth of your professional practice. Our innovative products and services help you remain competitive through outsourcing so you can free up staff to work on higher paying services and helping to enhance the privacy and security of patients in your care.
  5. Education
    Budget reductions, bureaucracy, lack of standardization and barriers to access hinder both educators and parents. Parents are busy, educators are busy. Our convenient and cost effective solutions are designed to save you and your users time and money.
  6. Government Bodies
    Overspending, lack of standardization, trouble accessing services and information, are common concerns for Public Service providers at all levels of government. Our solutions can help you ensure services are carried out in an efficient, cost effective manner, facilitate responsible spending, create value for taxpayers and take the end user needs into consideration.
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Frank Morgan, Owner, Precsion Climate Controls, Anaheim, CA, 
My work consists of bidding for government jobs to construct public buildings such as schools… I have a typical home office located in my den. I often misplaced the background information that I used to support my bids. My incoming faxes sometimes got mixed up with bills that I needed to pay that resulted in late charges on occasion if they weren’t located in time. I needed somewhere to store and easily retrieve my drawing... And I simply procrastinated…Kara had put a practical yet simple system in place for me, which allowed me to easily organize my work, easily locate my documents and drawings… I could now use my drafting table the way it was intended! And the best part of it was that it was effortless for me to maintain.
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