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PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions helps you regain control of your time, restore order and find clarity while maximizing capacity and efficiency. We now provide nearshore outsourcing along with our onsite setup, innovative services and products so you can work comfortably with security. We are 100% Canadian owned and managed. 

PlanIt! Outsourcing solutions has been helping small and micro businesses in the Greater Toronto area become more productive and efficient since 2012. We provide full service, full spectrum operational efficiency and energy efficiency services to busy, overwhelmed or organized-challenged business owners who want to scale their businesses and lower operating costs.  

Small and Micro Businesses Have Unique Challenges
Small and micro businesses face unique challenges that larger organizations do not. Sudden changes in staffing or activity levels, product or service demands and cash flow can significantly impact day to day operations, business continuity, profits and customer loyalty. 

Whether you’re a solopreneur, mompreneur, sidepreneur, or small team, there always seems to be more to do than you have the capacity for. You and those you work with are most likely wearing many hats and trying to get the best out of every single minute – because every single minute counts! But the plain truth is, the smaller your team, the bigger the workload. It’s that simple.

This presents two main challenges. First, when you’re responsible to multiple roles, it’s very challenging to perform both or all of them well – deficiencies are inevitable. Second, unless you have solid processes in place, it’s very hard to be consistent. Consistency is key to building trust.

Operational Inefficiencies Cost Businesses Thousands Every Week 
Operational inefficiencies cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year due to missed opportunities, misuse of resources, budget overruns, poor project management and ineffective planning.

Inefficiencies also impact all your efforts. For example, you may hire someone to build a great marketing campaign for your business but even if you get their premium package, much of those changes and implementations will be lost if the underlying structures are inefficient; it’s like put premium gasoline in a old inefficient vehicle.

The Sooner You Improve Your Efficiencies, the Sooner You Increase Your Profits
That’s where we come in. We provide full service, full spectrum operational efficiency and energy efficiency services to busy, overwhelmed or organized-challenged business owners just like you. We help you regain control of your operations, your time, optimize comfort and increase your capacity without increasing operating costs so you can scale growth. We do this through outsourcing, setup optimization, process improvement and digital adoption using proven Project Management Mythologies honed over 15 years working in public sector, private sector and non-profit organizations.

Our goal is to maximize your productivity, streamline your processes and implement systems so you can organize your workday, stop firefighting, reduce bottlenecks, minimize injury and secure your business from sudden illness or unexpected absences by putting mechanism in place that will make your business resilient, self-sufficient and less dependent on ‘personalities’.
Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Values


Innovation is at the core of our solutions. Sometimes, the 'usual way' is not the best or most effective way to solve a problem. By approaching problems in unconventional ways, we can create solutions to address unique business challenges.

Continuous Improvement
To grow and evolve, we will continuously seek opportunities to learn and improve our solutions and knowledge. 

We will encourage creativity and flexibility in our staff and solutions. 

Collaboration is integral to building the best relationships. Collaborating with our clients, partners, vendors and suppliers creates the best outcomes for everyone.

We strive to deliver results that make a difference. Getting a clear understanding of your challenges is key to solving them.

We strive to empower our clients, staff and communities where we live and work.​
To manufacture innovative products and provide quality services to encourage growth of local businesses, benefit the local communities we serve, empower women in society and help to create prosperity for our employees.


We strive to provide innovative solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs to generate optimal productivity and efficiency through the least amount of effort while lowering their operating costs.
ABOUT the Founder
Kara Morgan
Coo & Lead Innovator
Sr. & Executive Admin Support
Supporting Executive and Senior Management staff in both the private and public sector.
Cert. Proj Mgr & Technical Writer
PMI Certified Project Manager and Certified Technical Writer.
Process Improvement
Natural ability to see gaps in process backed by solid experience using SWOT and Change Management tools.
"The key to efficiency and productivity is using the right person and the right tools in the right way for the right time task." 
As a Serial Entrepreneur, I Get It...

As the COO and Founder of PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions and a Mom of two boys with 16 years between them, I know first hand what it's like to feel overwhelmed. I know what it's like to start a business from scratch, learning on the fly and finding the courage to put yourself out there while trying to raise a family. Life is far from simple or secure!

Trying to Do It Alone, Has It's Costs

Being an entrepreneur requires structured thinking, clear goals and many support systems both personal and professional. It's a challenge to know all you need to know and do all you need to do alone, but most of us try - don't we. The downside is that it's very unlikely that you can do it all alone AND do it well and still live a healthy lifestyle. Doing it alone may seem to save you costs, but what you really lose is time and quality of life.

A Solid Foundation is the Key

I've spent over 20 years implementing Business Management Processes and Business Management Systems in both the public and private sectors and for entrepreneurs. No matter what size the business is, if the foundation is weak - meaning the operations and administration, every other business function will also be weak. Like a plant, the plant is only as strong and healthy as the water that nourishes it.

Different Functions Ue the Same Information in Different Ways

I've worked in various Analyst, Project support and Sr. Administrative roles supporting Executive Management, which gave me unique exposure to both Executive and Administrative functions and the ability to see things from the perspective of management, operations and end user - all levels of the organizations.

Holistic Problem Solving, Starting with the Source

I've always prided myself as being a big picture thinker who takes a holistic approach to problem solving and looks not only at the outcome, but also the source of the issue so future occurrences are minimized or eliminated. Having a good understanding of the priorities and communication styles in different parts of the operation has proven invaluable as an entrepreneur.

I strongly believe in universal empowerment, collaboration and cultivating a shared vision and I would like to share that with you.


Welcome, we look forward to working with you!
Karen Seunarine, Wellspring Chinguacousy, Brampton, ON
Before we began working with PlanIt! Outsourcing Solutions, I was “overwhelmed with trying to do the organization of it all” which kept me from moving ahead. After working with Kara and Fiona, I was “organized better, calmer”.
You were “helpful and willing to go over and above what would be expected. You gave me way more time than you had originally planned.”
What We Do
Make outsourcing a strategic part of your operations model so you can focus on core competencies and frees up resources for product development, service improvements and scaling growth so you can reduce costs and maximize profits.

We provide nearshore and onshore outsourcing that will allow you to make client care a priority.  Our dedicated staff shares the same geographic proximity and North American time zone. We adheres to clear guidelines, BPO best practices, giving your operations a seamless, integrated structure that will allow you to thrive even during economically challenging times.
PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ are a green alternative to regular blinds that lets in full sunlight while blocking 92% of UV rays; generates heat in cool months and block solar heat in warm months; lowers energy cost by up to 40% and reduces wear and tear on HVAC equipment.

This innovative product is the only blind on the market today that sustains a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.
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How We Work
What began as a consultancy in 2012 providing services to solopreneurs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has now become a small team of dedicated individuals who thrive on helping your small and micro businesses showcase primary selling features and finding gaps that contriubte to firefighting, cost overruns and duplication. 

We perform a thorough Needs Analysis to determine the root cause of the challenges. We then look at your operations to get a thorough picture of the situation and work collaboratively with the team to design solutions that fit your organizational needs. 

We use a variety of adult learning techniques, custom tools and sound project management principles to ensure a smooth transition and application of the implemented 
systems and processes.
Community Involvment
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