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Build on a solid foundation
Are you tired of firefighting? Are bottlenecks strangling your efforts and killing morale? Do you struggle to keep working when you're too hot, too cold or just plain uncomfortable? Do you suffer from headaches, dry eyes or RSI's? You're not alone. These challenges are very common for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Dependable, consistent processes ae the foundation of all successful business. Without them, all other operations suffer and costs increase. PlanIt! Outsourcing will help you uncover the gaps in your operations that are slowing you down and find those money pits so you can focus on your core competencies. Our solutions will help you regain control of your time, reduce costs and double productivity! 
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We support Your Business At All Stages
You want to get your business off to a good start. Whether you're pre-operational or in the first stages of establishing your organization, creating a solid foundation is detrimental to the overall functionality and integrity of your business.  This inclues your marketing, sales, operations and resources.

Our solutions will set your business on the right track to maximize your tools, resource and talent while implementing processes and systems that best suit your business needs.
Setup BAckend & Infrastruture, Build capacity, fill gaps
Having solid processes in place is key to scaling your business. We will assessment your current state and tailor a strategy using proven business systems and tools to streamline your processes and so you can generate more output without increaes costs or resources.

The bottom line is - the smaller your team, the more external support you require. ​​​Our programs make it easy to keep everyone on the same page and put long-term goals in place.
Scale Business
Streamline processes, define roles, optimize tools & resources
For large companies with multiple departments or locations, standardizing processes and documentation can be challenging. We can you ensure that duplication, overlap and redundancies are eliminated or kept to a minimum through training and communication plans.

Your operating costs will be reduced so will provide more value and usability to external and internal clients.
Internal Departments
Standardize, coordinate, optimize processes & remove redundancies
Our Solutions Solve Your Challenges

  Your business is unique. But there are some limitations and challenges that are common among small teams due to their size and capacity. For small teams, one unexpected client request, an absence or family emergency can create chaos and threaten business continuity. Our automation systems and tech tools keep your business ready and prepared for incidents such as 

  1. Unexpected Growth or Sudden Visibility
  2. Time Challenges & Overwhelm
  3. Inefficient Setup and Layout
  4. Firefighting and Bottlenecks
  5. Rising Operating & Energy Costs
  6. Poor Team Dynamics
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  1. My work consists of bidding for government jobs to construct public buildings such as schools…I often misplaced the background information that I used to support my bids.... And I simply procrastinated…Kara had put a practical yet simple system in place for me, which allowed me to easily organize my work, easily locate my documents and drawings… I could now use my drafting table the way it was intended! And the best part of it was that it was effortless for me to maintain.
    Frank Morgan, Owner, Precision Climate Controls, Anaheim, CA,
    Managing Director
  2. Kara is very knowledgeable about systems and helped me to think about the bottom line - how much time I was spending on activities that were not benefiting my business...something all business people need to address!
    Samantha Angel, Owner, trellis concepts, Mississagua, ON
    Managing Director
Our targeted approach to problem solving and innovative solutions have our cleints talking..
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