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Are you tired of firefighting? Do you want a solution for bottlenecks? Do you struggle to keep working when you're too hot, too cold or just plain uncomfortable? Many factors can impact productivity including your physical surroundings, layout and equipment. Using proven techniques, digital adoption and agile project managment methods, we will partner with you to uncover the gaps in your operations that are slowing you down and find the money pits in your organization so you can focus on your core competencies. Call us today and regain control of your time, reduce costs and boost productivity!

As a small business owner, you wear many hats and perform many roles which can sometimes feel overwhelming. the bottom line is - the smaller your team, the more external support you require. 

Using digital adoption and agile processes, our tools provide relief to staff performing multiple roles and administrative tasks that don't generate income.

Our goal is to leave your business in a state where it can practically run itself so you can use resources optimally as they were intended to be used. 

Our systems provide the flexibility you need to build and scale your business so you can focus on the core competencies that generate income.

You don't have to do it alone. We can help. Contact us today and get the support you need. 

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Process-Driven Sector Solutions 
  1. Entrepreneurs
    Service plans to support your external and internal processes, increase productivity, control and capacity, manage your time and workflow
  2. Professional Services
    Service plans and products to lower energy costs, optimize setup, streamline operations to increase productivity and efficiency in peak seasons
  3. Service Industry
    Service plans and products to lower energy costs, optimize setup, streamline operations, increase productivity and operational efficiencies
  4. Builders/Contractors
    Service plans to help optimize team dynamics, manage deadlines, multiple projects, lower operating expenses and reduce duplication
  5. Government Bodies
    Service plans to increase productivity, remove redundancies and streamlining Operations across functional areas for better end user experience
  6. Health & Dental
    Service plans and products to enhance client experience, protect privacy, increase security, optimize records management and lower costs
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Alan Montgomery, Principal ModTel, Burlington, On
As a small company it's easy to know that a process needs to be changed, but with all efforts focused on operations, it's hard to find time to investigate/evaluate options.

After our initial meeting, Kara had a couple suggestions that we could implement immediately...reducing paperwork and stress. .. she came in to look at our workflow process, and suggested a couple solutions to a problem we had been trying to figure out for over a year. ..Her fresh set of eyes to the issues of our business are proving to be invaluable. She will be my first call on our next workflow problem. It was money very well spent!"
 Identify Your stage of Growth
SERVICE Plans for Every Stage of Growth
  1. Pre-Operational
    Optimize your set-up from the start to avoid costly corrections later on
  2. Start-up
    Identify your needs early on to create a solid foundation
  3. Growing
    Implement processes to help you scale growth without increasing costs
  4. Established
    Identify long-standing issues that are slowing growth and limiting profits
  5. Remote/Multi Site
    Optimize group collaboration and dynamics to increase productivity
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Rachid Malki., Owner, domilya GROUP, Oakville, ON
Kara intimate knowledge of the functionality and design to our project is AMAZING!!
Kara knows her stuff, she is fast and reliable and efficient. She transformed my office and put amazing systems in place. My work now in the office is fast easy and efficient!
Kara deliveries quality,She is very reliability and is honest… She knows her stuff inside out!
Kara is a huge Value to my business! Great work KARA you blew my mind!"​
Choose Your Level of Service
  1. Short Term
    DIY and Done-for-You services for increasing capacity, getting organized or managing seasonal fluctuations
  2. Long Term
    Project-based transitional services and Done-for-You services for scaling, product launches, increasing capacity and team expansion
  3. Monthly Retainer
    Subscription-based service paid on a month to month basis
  4. Custom
    A custom package combining a Short or Long Term service package with continuous Monthly support
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